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Why we use Decipher at inginit

The programmer’s perspective:

Decipher is one of the best tools for programming surveys from simplest to the most complex survey (we use Confirmit, Qualtrics, Dimension, Sawtooth to name few). Whether you are working on simple customer feedback survey or more complex market research projects like segmentation, conjoint, custom form integration, calling API for more advanced custom work, decipher can seamlessly allow us to build. One of the features of decipher; working offline with any code editor makes our team more productive. Let’s us tell you why: in the offline mode, you can use your favorite code editor like Notetab, Sublime Text 3, Vim etc. You can directly frame your questionnaire, write logical scripts, add properties in one page, regardless of the number of questions. Whereas in the UI based editor (decipher have that as well), to setup one question, one need to interact with each item separately like question id, text, title, answer options, properties which is a lot of pointing mouse and editing. In the text editor, this all can be edited in the code. For programmers who program studies on a daily basis, coding directly on text editor with syntax highlighter makes the job much easier and faster.

Coding online comes with disadvantage at times, like the browser crash, version conflict, wait time while saving your work or if the internet or server is slow, you know how it is.

Testing feature:

Testing is one of the most important tasks to ensure the study is programmed correctly and that it meets the quality standard. Decipher have a QA tool in build that shows all properties such as question id, answer code, answer randomize/ alphabetical etc, it also shows if the question is based on conditions and so on. While testing with the link online, turning on or off this feature allow QA team/ testers to test every node. This is one of the features that allows QA team to be more productive.

1. Why we use Decipher in Inginit?

  • Powerful and flexible – Supports survey research regardless of complexity; from low to high or lengthy to simple, decipher make it possible under one platform.

  • Ease of use – Intuitive GUI makes launching a survey a simple and rewarding process.

  • Sample Marketplace – Select and order your sample all within the FocusVision Decipher application.

  • Over 80+ languages supported: All major languages included at one place, gives you peace of mind.

  • Unlimited platform and seat access: You don’t have to worry about the limited login access anymore, with decipher you can create as many logins to be shared with your clients.

  • Supports high complexity studies – powerful, no limitations platform; you can

  • Easy to use UI for enhanced programming productivity

  • Advanced, custom reporting and analytics tools

  • Mobile friendly, mobile first responsive design

  • Expert programming staff (can support work overflow/custom programming)

  • Automated survey creation from Microsoft Word

  • Library of Pre-Programmed survey templates

2. How Decipher let us build survey? Top 6 advantage of using Decipher with brief explanation.

  • Allows to build your survey, your way with built-in range of options:

o Microsoft Word Uploader – AI converts your word document to a survey in a matter of minutes

o Template Library – A huge range of editable templates to get you started

o Program from scratch – Build your survey from the ground up

  • Easy to use UI for enhanced programming productivity

  • Mobile friendly, mobile first responsive design

  • Library of Pre-Programmed survey templates

  • Unlimited platform and seat access: You don’t have to worry about the limited login access anymore, with decipher you can create as many logins to be shared with your clients.

  • Advanced, custom reporting and analytics tools: the biggest challenge is how to present data for analysis purpose, which can easily be taken care through the in-built advance/ custom reports.

3. Why hire Decipher programmer from Inginit?

  • Experienced & Solution Oriented: Our programmers have 8+ years of experience in this industry which make it easy for them to provide best solution if any situation.

  • Highly skilled programmers: The programmers are technically competent and have required skillsets to produce best results within stipulated time.

  • Quality Output: The programmers are flexible, committed, good problem solver and are known for producing quality output.

  • Faster turnarounds: The biggest challenge that everyone face in this industry is with turn-around time for projects. But with experience hands on board the turnaround becomes much faster.

  • Flexible support hours: Being available when required; Our team provides flexible support coverages for our client to help them ease of reaching out to us when required.

4. What process is followed by the Decipher team?

  • The team works toward 0 error policy and have successfully achieved this in the past.

  • Team encourages everyone to do knowledge sharing, which allows others to not repeat the same mistake done in the past.

  • The team follows the industry best programming standards.

  • All projects under-go minimum 2 layers of quality testing.

  • Frequent training sessions to make everyone stay up to date.

  • Client consultation is the prime motive, which allows our client to connect with us quickly.

  • Team encourages to attend KOC with client for all projects and even in between the projects to ensure smooth project flow and to avoid unnecessary back and forth over written communication channel.

  • Call summary are also shared over email after the call, to ensure everyone is on same scale for those who couldn’t attend the call.

Give away: To work efficiently with text editor, take advantage of decipher clips. Here is the link that will guide, how to install their clips.

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