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Advanced dashboard

Our team is proficient in using multiple platforms to create meaningful data visualisation

What we solve

Rich dashboard

We craft meaningful dashboard with right amount of insights without overwhelming the user

Mobile optimisation

We optimise report for mobile to allow people to take decision on the go, without the need of opening web browser or desktop

Insightful reports

We build insights that will help business make right decision

Answer unanswered insights

Outdated dashboard or report that does not provide rights insights can be a loss for business. We can help businesses to uncover those hidden questions

Tailor for right audience

Tailor right insights based on user roles to allow maximum gain from your data

Colorblind friendly

We design reports with both normal eyesight & colorblind audience

Power BI Advanced dashboard generally is made of different pages that uses visualizations to tell a story. A well-designed dashboard contains only the most-important elements of that story.
Presenting data with Microsoft Power BI seem simple as anyone can draw charts on the canvas and start visualizing numbers graphically, however, it is not easy to design a good and appealing dashboard. Inginit’s power BI creators are highly skilled with this tool and can show the most impactful parts of your data relevant to your business perfectly. We create beautiful and effective dashboards, while avoiding all the common design pitfalls and mistakes.
We don’t use a templatized approach to cut corners. Each of our Dashboard generated is unique for a client’s needs because we understand what fits one organization doesn’t fit another. We encourage you to come onboard and experience working with our Power BI Advanced Dashboard experts.

Dashboard example

How we feed survey data to BI software

power bi advanced dashboard

Case Study

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