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Team augmentation

Build or extend your offshore operation team with us

Our team of professionals can help you take care of your programming, data analytics, quality assurance, reporting while you focus on your core business.

What problems we solve for operations heads?

  • Operation heavy lifting: Over the years we have helped many market research companies with heavy lifting on their operation process; survey programming, data analytics, quality assurance, web developers

  • Cost control: One of the agenda of outsourcing is cut cost and mitigate risk for your business. We understand business needs to thrive at the same time having good bottom line. Take advantage of low cost, highly trained talents to boost your business forward by partnering with us for long term benefit

  • Tight timeline projects: As an outsourcing partner for many companies, most of the projects we have worked on are in the nature of tight timeline, very complex or long and tedious project that onshore team don’t have time to work on. Because we are continuously exposed to such challenge, we have hone our skills and process for successful project delivery.

  • Hiring right talents: Hiring is time consuming and costly process with no guarantee of decent retention due to competition in the market. We have more than 10 years of hiring experience focusing on hiring the right talents, providing training on various subject to be able to work and bring  international standards to the table. We take care of their well beings, payroll, holidays, tuition so that you can focus on your business while we help you with talents


What benefits we provide you

Office space

We work in business center, office space expense on us

Thorough hiring process

We have 3 rounds of interview to make sure they are right fit

Staff benefits

Staff are provided with various benefits

Scalable infrastructure

Our business center is easily scalable on demand

Background checks

We do proper background checks


We invest in employees & their family wellbeing by providing premium insurance


We invest in our employees education, this too us on us

HR procedures

HR management for each employees welfare is provided by us

Payroll process

Payroll process, tax, fees are on us

Experience & capabilities

What our team have worked on

  • Online/Web Programming

  • CATI /CAPI Programming

  • Trackers/ Waves Studies

  • Multi-country Projects

  • IHUT

  • Algorithms

  • Max-diff/Conjoint Analysis

  • Diary Studies

  • Flowchart Programming

  • Healthcare

  • Accessibility Compatible survey

  • Mobile optimized survey

  • Website intercept

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • 360 Review

Data processing
  • Data integrity checks & Validations

  • Tabulations (Crosstabs across multiple banners)

  • Weighting (RIM/Target)

  • Column SIG testing/Row SIG testing/Regression/Corelate analysis

  • testing/Regression/Corelate analysis

  • NETTed reporting for verbatim coding

  • Top Box/T2Box/B2Tox/Mean reporting

  • Charting and report writing

  • Verbatim & brand response coding


Programming platform: The two powerhouse

Our team of professionals choose two of the best tools that is out there in the market

why we use decipher at inginit
why we use confirmit at inginit

How we deliver: Kanban agile process

We have developed our own internal agile project management software to serve all our clients. With security, data governance and data access rights in mind, we have adopted kanban agile with six-sigma to keep up with quality and security. 

Secure file sharing

Securely share project files in our platform instead of email

Team collaboration

Invite team members to work together

Project timesheet

Track overall time spent per project


Manage all projects in our platform securely, clear visibility of progress

Granular access rights

Provide right access level and only to those who are part of the project


All staff maintain timesheet which can be used for measuring productivity


Manage all tasks with kanban

Invite clients

Invite clients to collaborate

Powerful analytics

Have birdeye view of entire operations


Business continuity

  • All applications are hosted with amazon aws with SSL-256

  • VAPT report for our project management tool is available for partners on request

  • We adopt Zero-trust network security with all server and file storage managed with Microsfot Azure cloud​

  • All cloud hosting have the industry best in class security. SOC/ ISO certificate of our cloud platform can be provided to partners on request

  • ​And we’ve earned the ISO 27001 certification, to safeguard your data

Operational Security

  • Access to our systems and your data is restricted only to those who need access.

  • We also have all the “people security” things you’d expect to see:

    •  Background checks for our employees

    •  Signed confidentiality agreements

    •  Termination/access removal processes

    •   Acceptable use agreements.

  • And we’ve earned the ISO 27001 certification, to safeguard your data.

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