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Pricing Strategy Insights

Dive deep into the world of pricing to discover what your customers truly value.
Use our simple yet powerful methods to get clear insights into your audience's pricing preferences.

Van Westendorp

Dive deep into the consumer's psyche to decode the perfect pricing range. Using the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter, we unravel the intricate balance where value meets affordability. Discover the exact threshold where your product transitions from being perceived as a 'steal' to 'overpriced'. Harness these insights to craft pricing that resonates seamlessly with market desires and expectations.

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Gabor-Granger Technique

Elevate your pricing strategy by gauging real-time reactions to various price tags. The Gabor-Granger Technique illuminates the ideal intersection where consumer willingness to pay meets your revenue aspirations. By meticulously analyzing responses to diverse price points, we empower you to pinpoint the optimal price that not only maximizes acceptance but also optimally inflates your bottom line.

Gabor-Granger Technique inginit

Specialized Industry Focus

At Inginit, we understand that each industry has unique challenges and opportunities. With tailored strategies, our services align with the specific needs of Retail, FMCG, Technology, Entertainment, Education, Fashion, and Media sectors. Our specialized industry focus allows us to deliver actionable insights that drive measurable outcomes, ensuring your competitive edge.

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Our approach

How we help brands derive actionable insights based on facts

From gathering raw data, cleaning, deriving key performance indicator to generating actionable insights, we can help you. We follow the below approach for any data analytics projects.

Gather the data

Analyse the data using relevant
statistical models

Prepare a report with insights
and visuals

Share reports in a format that is
desired by clients such as
PowerPoint/ PDF/ spreadsheet

Extract & clean the data

Visualize the data

Mention the research

Derive KPI

Derive actionable insights

Conclude with Key findings &

Case Study
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