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Usage & Attitude Insights

Explore the multifaceted dimensions of your customers' interactions with your products. Our U&A Insights illuminate the what, why, how, and when of consumer behavior, providing a comprehensive view that supports strategic decision-making

Our U&A Insights offer a comprehensive analysis of your customer base, identifying how consumers interact with your products, their attitudes towards your brand, and the underlying motivations driving their purchasing decisions. We translate complex consumer data into actionable strategies.

Our U&A services dissect and demystify consumer behavior to reveal the core truths that drive market dynamics. We offer:

  • Segmentation Analysis: Pinpoint precision in identifying and profiling key consumer segments.

  • Behavioral Tracking: Monitoring usage patterns to align product development with actual consumer practices.

  • Attitude Assessment: Evaluating consumer perceptions to fine-tune communication and positioning strategies.

Customer Segmentation

Identify and Engage Your Most Valuable Customers

Unveil the segments that offer the most promise for your products. We leverage advanced analytics to uncover distinct consumer profiles, each with their own motivations, preferences, and behaviors, guiding you to target with precision and purpose.

Example of Customer Segmentation:

  • Price-Sensitive Patrons: Consumers prioritizing cost over brand, a segment ripe for value-based marketing campaigns.

  • Quality-Conscious Quotient: High-end consumers for whom quality trumps price, a target for premium product lines.

  • Eco-Ethical Enthusiasts: Environmentally conscious buyers, perfect for eco-friendly and sustainable product offerings.

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Importance-Performance Analysis

Optimize Your Features with the IPA Matrix

Our IPA Matrix illuminates the features and services that matter most to your customers versus how well they think you perform on them. This insight enables you to invest in areas that will increase satisfaction and loyalty while identifying where you can improve or innovate.

Example of an IPA Matrix:

  • High Importance, High Performance: Core strengths to maintain and promote.

  • High Importance, Low Performance: Critical gaps to address for improved customer satisfaction.

importance performance analysis inginit

Measure Loyalty with NPS

We dive into the why's behind promoters, passives, and detractors, providing you with the intelligence to convert satisfaction into advocacy.

nps inginit

Specialized Industry Focus

At Inginit, we understand that each industry has unique challenges and opportunities. With tailored strategies, our services align with the specific needs of Retail, FMCG, Technology, Entertainment, Education, Fashion, and Media sectors. Our specialized industry focus allows us to deliver actionable insights that drive measurable outcomes, ensuring your competitive edge.

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Our approach

How we help brands derive actionable insights based on facts

From gathering raw data, cleaning, deriving key performance indicator to generating actionable insights, we can help you. We follow the below approach for any data analytics projects.

Gather the data

Analyse the data using relevant
statistical models

Prepare a report with insights
and visuals

Share reports in a format that is
desired by clients such as
PowerPoint/ PDF/ spreadsheet

Extract & clean the data

Visualize the data

Mention the research

Derive KPI

Derive actionable insights

Conclude with Key findings &

Case Study
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