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Data Analytics Solution USA

A one-stop-shop for MR data analytics

Data Analytics services

For 11+ years we have helped researchers collect data using our data analytic services. We have delivered more than 50K projects from consumer to healthcare studies. As a data analytics service company, our focus has been providing clients with best-in-class data analytics services.

Online Dashboard

Our team is proficient in using multiple platforms to create meaningful data visualisation


Find relationship between two or more categorical (nominal or ordinal) variables

Analysis & Reporting

We help researchers find insights, write meaningful reports with recommendation that is presentation ready

Data Cleaning

Before you analyse your survey results, data cleaning is a must-do. It helps you get the best quality data possible, so you can make more accurate decisions


Convey a great number of information in an effective manner using charts. Whether it is from scratch or on existing charts, we can help

Data Validation

One of the first important step in research analysis is collecting valid data. Each survey data is validated before launch, soft launch and at the end of the field to ensure we collect the correct dataset.

Examples of Dashboard, Insights & reports, Charting, Tabulations


Dashboard for survey

Data Analytics Solution USA

Tabulation for survey

Data on a Touch Pad

Insights & Reports for survey


Dashboard for bank

Chart analysis

Charting for survey

Local Business Partners

Dashboard for sales

Experience & capabilities

What our team have worked on

  • Brand Tracking

  • Brand Lift

  • Product and Concept Testing Studies

  • Ad Testing

  • Usage and Attitude Studies (U&A)

  • Package Testing

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Mystery Shopping Studies

  • Employee Satisfaction

Frequent statistical analysis method used
  • Regression and Correlation

  • Standard Deviation

  • Mean

  • Sample Size Determination

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Brand Map

  • Factor Analysis

Our approach

How we help brands derive actionable insights based on facts

From gathering raw data, cleaning, deriving key performance indicator to generating actionable insights, we can help you. We follow the below approach for any data analytics projects.

Gather the data

Analyse the data using relevant
statistical models

Prepare a report with insights
and visuals

Share reports in a format that is
desired by clients such as
PowerPoint/ PDF/ spreadsheet

Extract & clean the data

Visualize the data

Mention the research

Derive KPI

Derive actionable insights

Conclude with Key findings &

Case Study

Our code of ethics

As a data technology company, we believe in data integrity and quality. We feel the need to share our code of ethics.

#1: Don’t torture the data: If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything

#2: Be truthful: You have it or you don’t. Don’t manufacture data that don’t exist

#3: Protect the data: It is our rule not exception that the customers own their data and it is safe in our hands

#4: For the business: Bringing values to your business will bring values to our business

#5: Data governance is critical: availability, applicability, integrity, and security are the pillar of our data governance framework


Our approach to quality is through zero error internal quality policy


Project delivery satisfaction


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