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Interactive tool design

Tools made with the power of javascript for cross platform

We help Market Research companies build interactive and visually engaging tools for data collection. We design highly custom tools from scratch using high fidelity UX design, develop them for data accuracy.

Our approach


Your idea & our experience to create together


The approved concept design is developed into interactive tool using javascript/framework, css/framework, SVG


We deliver a demo of your tool.


We deliver fully tested tool with documentation.

UX Design prototype

Developing a concept design of your thought process.Prototype will be delivered in form of gif, video or pdf.


All tools goes through x-browser, device agnostic test


Data output is tested throughly before submitting the final tool


All forms designed with device agnostic in mind
1533543602_360 image view.jpg
1533543107_Image Annotation.jpg
Veteran Market Researchers will recall how they had to integrate Flash with Confirmit or Decipher to add required capabilities in their research surveys. With time few research software did add up some of those features in their tools yet research was limited to the type of questions you could program in those programs and in addition appealing/novelty factor was missing from research surveys.
We develop custom design tools in javascript to enhance your surveys capabilities and you can implement these in any survey.  We take your idea and create a design prototype which can be coded in javascript, tested for all devices compatibility and plugged in with any survey software.
Please contact us for details.
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