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Case Study: Scaling High-Quality Survey Programming Services for Global Clients

Client Overview:

Our clients consist of various agencies, market researchers, and world leaders in data collection. They are predominantly based in the United States and were facing issues with existing vendors who failed to meet their quality expectations, lacked high-skilled resources, and struggled to provide extended coverage.


The clients' challenges ranged from lacking in-house skilled resources for survey programming, dissatisfaction with existing vendors due to subpar quality, to needing extended coverage that included weekends. Moreover, they also faced difficulties in scaling up their onshore teams.

The Solutions:

Inginit, being based in India, stepped in to provide top-tier survey programming services at a fraction of the cost, thus providing an economical and efficient solution. We leveraged our highly skilled team, which grew from just two members to a robust team of 60 within a few years, to cater to their needs.

We provided extended coverage, ensuring that our services were available even during weekends, thereby offering our clients the flexibility they needed. Moreover, our quality assurance team adhered to stringent protocols to ensure each project delivered met the highest standards.

Inginit's approach to project management was another pivotal aspect of the solution. We streamline processes, maintain effective communication, and ensure all projects were completed within the agreed timelines.


With Inginit's dedicated efforts, the clients were able to overcome their initial challenges. Our team's high skill level led to a significant improvement in the quality of survey programming, much to the clients' satisfaction.

The extended coverage we offered enabled the clients to receive the services they needed at their convenience, leading to smoother project flows. Moreover, by working with Inginit, they were able to scale effectively and economically, significantly reducing their costs while receiving top-quality service.

Our commitment to quality and timely delivery resulted in a high degree of client satisfaction, as reflected in our 92% Net Promoter Score and 98% Customer Satisfaction Score.


This case study demonstrates how Inginit's commitment to quality, scalability, and client satisfaction can help companies overcome their challenges in survey programming. With our flexible coverage, highly skilled resources, and quality assurance, we have successfully served a diverse range of clients, further establishing ourselves as a leading provider in the industry.


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