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Case Study: Enhancing Ad Testing and Concept Evaluation with Video Annotation Tool

Client Overview:

The client is a leading advertising agency specializing in creating and optimizing advertising campaigns for various brands across industries. They were looking for innovative solutions to improve their ad testing and concept evaluation process to gain deeper insights into audience preferences and sentiment.


The client wanted to overcome the limitations of traditional ad testing methods and gather more detailed feedback from viewers in a time-efficient manner. They sought a solution that would enable viewers to provide feedback on specific moments within a video, including sentiment annotations (like, dislike, neutral) and comments, facilitating a more granular analysis of viewer engagement and perception.


Inginit developed a video annotation tool that allowed viewers to annotate and provide feedback on specific video moments in real-time. Users could mark their sentiment (like, dislike, or neutral) as well as leave comments during playback. The tool captured and stored this data for each second of the video, providing two data points (sentiment and comments) per second.


Inginit helped client integrate the video annotation tool into their ad testing and concept evaluation process. They utilized the tool to gather feedback from a diverse group of participants selected based on their demographic profiles and relevance to the target audience. The participants were asked to watch the videos or concepts and use the tool to provide annotations and comments.


Enhanced Feedback: With the implementation of Inginit's video annotation tool, participants were able to provide feedback with a higher level of granularity. The sentiment annotations (like, dislike, neutral) enabled immediate reactions to be gauged, while the comments provided valuable insights into viewers' thoughts and preferences.

Identifying Engaging Moments: Through detailed analysis of the annotation data, Inginit identified specific moments in the videos that generated higher engagement and elicited strong reactions. By pinpointing these precise sections, Inginit helped the client optimize their ad content to align with viewer preferences and maximize engagement.

Thematic Analysis: Inginit performed a thorough thematic analysis of the comments collected through the video annotation tool. This analysis unveiled recurring themes and specific feedback related to product features, messaging effectiveness, visual elements,

and overall ad concept. By understanding audience perceptions, Inginit assisted the client in tailoring their campaigns to resonate better with viewers.

Comparative Analysis: Inginit facilitated A/B testing using different versions of ads or concepts, allowing the client to compare viewer responses. Through analysis of the annotation data, Inginit identified elements that resonated better with the audience, resulting in improved ad performance and increased campaign effectiveness.

Actionable Insights: By integrating the video annotation data with other performance metrics such as click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates, Inginit provided the client with comprehensive insights into the impact of viewer engagement on desired outcomes. This data-driven approach empowered the client to make informed decisions regarding ad placements, messaging strategies, and targeting approaches.


The integration of our video annotation tool into the client's ad testing and concept evaluation process provided them with enhanced insights into viewer sentiment, engagement, and preferences. The tool enabled more detailed feedback collection, thematic analysis of comments, and comparative analysis across different versions of ads or concepts. As a result, the client could optimize their advertising campaigns, resulting in improved audience engagement and ultimately, better ROI for their clients.


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