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Why we use confirmit at inginit

We have been using confirmit since 2006 and some of us are certified confirmit programmers. We have amass huge experience working with confirmit and have delivered at least 30,000 projects. Today confirmit have come very far as a data collection platform since the time we started using confirmit in 2006. They are still one of the best tool out there in the market. You can build any types of survey from simplest to most complex setup you can ever imagine, it can deliver.

1. Why we use Confirmit at Inginit?

  • Experienced Programming Team: We have 8+ years experienced programmers who can manage projects of any complexity at ease and they are known for producing high quality output.

  • High capability and structured: Confirmit Horizons is a sophisticated web-based data collection tool with capabilities to deliver tailored, fully branded, and highly structured surveys for all types of feedback and market research programs.

  • Easy and fast for programmers: Confirmit is extremely easy to learn and their layout is very clean and intuitive. It makes Inginit programmers work faster, since it has a lot of "extra" features to make each screen of the survey look and work better.

  • Multiple Channels: With the ability to author a survey once, then deploy it across multiple channels – including digital, web, CAPI, CATI, mobile, and paper – it ensures the most efficient use of programmer’s time while maximizing results.

  • Features rich: Confirmit survey design tool allows us to incorporate a huge range of features to increase response rates, including dozens of innovative question types, multimedia clips that are easily included, and a powerful array of feedback methods, all designed to engage audiences and capture the needed insights. Whether the surveys are open to the world, or invitation-only, Confirmit’s flexible capabilities mean your options are virtually limitless.

2. How Confirmit let us build survey? Top 6 advantage of using Confirmit with brief explanation.

  • Faster Set-up Times: Get your Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, and Market Research data collection moving fast

  • Better Engagement and Insight: Use multiple feedback channels to increase the quality and quantity of responses

  • Higher Productivity: Automate your processes to save time and maintain your programs without the need for external involvement

  • Mobile: Gather Customer Feedback on the Go. Enable mobile capabilities including photo capture.

  • Incorporate a vast range of question types

  • Support embedded multimedia files

  • Use logic and routing to keep your respondents engaged and increase completion rates.

3. Why hire Confirmit programmer from Inginit?

  • Experienced & Solution Oriented: Our programmers have 8+ years of experience in this industry which make it easy for them to provide best solution if any situation.

  • Highly skilled programmers: The programmers are technically competent and have required skillsets to produce best results within stipulated time.

  • Quality Output: The programmers are flexible, committed, good problem solver and are known for producing quality output.

4. What process is followed by the our team?

  • The team works toward Zero error policy and have successfully achieved this in the past.

  • The Survey Programming team follows the standard process depicted below to ensure quality and timely deliverables.


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