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Case study: Survey Platform Migration from legacy software to Confirmit


A renowned US market research company primarily dealing with research focused on financial institutes such as commercial banking, corporate banking, asset management, fintech, asset security, investment banking and investment dealers was using a legacy software for their market research data collection.


The technology they were using was unable to manage the growing data, the system was old enough to slow down their entire data collection process, and was unable to do any custom adjustment that was required to keep up with the changing requirements of modern day data collection.

Their problems were-

1. Challenge of migrating a large volume of projects to new technology

2. Customize to make blind friendly data collection

3. Training their staff to use the new technology

4. Strong reporting with capability to write, update data from within the report, specially for CATI

5. Above all this, data security was very crucial to their business

Our approach:

We assessed their current technology, data structure complexity to determine their technology scalability requirements, team skills and required security levels to meet.

To address their 5 major problems, we suggested them to migrate from their legacy platform to Confirmit. At that time, Confirmit was the platform that provided all the featured they needed along with the capability to connect to database outside the platform for their security requirements.

Our team had to implement everything onsite along with their engineers; migrating data from old data structure to new data structure, migrate existing surveys, forms to confirmit, design report with data write, test each study carefully for both normal and blind audience. At the same time train their in-house team and provide support to them till they were able to run their ship on their own.

Duration: 6 months

Number of studies: Over 100 projects


Successfully migrated 100 projects

Successfully trained client’s in-house 25 staff

Awarded migration for 5 other geographic locations

Total migration of over 600 projects

Awarded other services related to data collection


The working experience was a huge success for the client as well as our company. The client was able to transition from legacy to the new platform and they were so satisfied with the approach that they implemented the migration in various countries. The success of this project led us to further engagement and working contracts to support various data collection services from across all their offices.


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