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Case Study: Data analytics solutions


A Management Consulting firm.


  • The client engaged with Inginit to understand the consumers opinion about their;

    • Current brand position (brand awareness, preference, usage, familiarity, loyalty and associations) in their concerned markets of interest.

    • Understand the impact of brand campaigns pre and post launch.

    • Track brand sentiments among different categories, industries and segments.

    • The research needed to be robust enough for brand development and to set KPIs whilst providing coverage across key brands, markets and industry sectors.

  • The objective of the exercise was to carry out a brand tracking study, to deep dive into consumer reaction in order to understand the current trend & happenings both for their own brands and for competitors and provide them actionable insights & recommendations.


  • Inginit team undertook brand tracking studies to monitor brand performance metrics like (brand awareness, preference etc) and brand attributes (such as reliability, quality, design, etc) and built a weekly, monthly, quarterly insights report based on the client requirement.

  • Relevant primary survey data was aggregated via survey software, processed, cleaned, data tabulations run and then analyzed for reporting purposes; for markets with local languages other than English, local language data was analyzed along with English language to provide a holistic picture

  • In order to provide insights and leverage brand findings some of the analysis done by Inginit were;

    • Brand funnel analysis to track metrics like awareness, familiarity, preference and usage

    • A deep dive analysis for identifying spikes in volume for eg campaigns, advertising, brand promotions etc

    • Sentiment Analysis to identify the tonality of the conversations around the brands

    • Brand analysis to identify key themes and to map conversations under those theme (qualitative analysis), Word cloud(Maximum occurring keywords) and trend analysis

    • Insights were also provided for segments of the potential customer base to see among whom our client’s brands had a strong position.


  • Research findings were reported at the overall level to provide a clear view of brand performance and highlight areas of focus to drive actions and identify key areas to address.

  • Apart from comparing scores for brand performance, the research also looked at factors that have the greatest impact on the brand. Using these results, our client was able to identify key brand strengths and weakness and rectify areas for improvement.

Business Impact:

  • The Client is conducting interesting studies and researches to increase consumer awareness thereby acting as a successful promotional activity for the brand

  • The Customer’s clients are now able to improve their management processes thanks to prompt analytics reports.

  • Analyzing the client brands viz a viz competitors, the “whys” behind the drop or increase in percentage volume can be rationalized

Technologies and Tools:

  • SPSS, Power BI, Excel

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