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Case Study: Movie Trailer Testing


A movie production house.


A movie production house wanted to understand the value difference between web release or theatre release for their new movie after theatre restrictions were eased in most states of India in 2021.

They wanted to understand if theatrical release would help them do better commercially because of a media perceived latent pent-up demand from viewers which hinted at resurgence in consumers opting for pre lock down social life. They wanted this comparison with the stupendous growth showed by few leading digital media streaming apps in the lock down period. A web release could make or break the finances of a lower budget movie.

The research was intended to provide support to the decision making for the production house. They produce new age cinema focusing on life and challenges of younger age groups and a significant list of new actors.


As this survey was meant for general population, Inginit sampled 2000 Indians representative to the population. Respondents were divided between different groups and each group was shown the movie trailer within Inginit’s digital platform.

Respondents were measured by how much viewers liked the trailer and how willing they were to spend on it to watch in a theatre with friends. This was measured with their reaction to watch same on a leading digital media streaming app.

Research was completed, after the second wave induced lock downs were lifted in most cities in India and consumer markets had begun to recognise budding tendency of revenge shopping.


The research indicated while the younger demography was more open to watch the movie in theatre with friends, the overall sentiment across the country was towards not spending more on ticket price especially where consumers had already paid for the subscription of more than 1 digital media streaming app. While the trailer scored higher scores with the younger age groups a significant portion of this demography also preferred to watch it on an online streaming app. The group which didn’t have any subscription to any digital media streaming app also showed inclination to the subscription of the app over visiting a theatre for a relatively unknown cast of actors. The findings of this research were published in less than two weeks after fielding the study. It was critical to quickly launch and share the results to allow the production house time to decide on their movie release approach.


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